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It is our pleasure to invite you to join us for the Indiana Horticultural Conference & Expo February 11-13, 2020 in Indianapolis, IN.  We are excited about implementing significant updates to make IHC a great experience for vendors and attendees. The expo booths have been strategically laid out to allow vendors the opportunity to select locations where more contact with the attendees are likely to happen.  We have varying pricing structures that reflect the location of your booth based on traffic flow and your budget, including an economy booth that is cheaper than in the past. There will be:

  • “New Product” showcase area featuring your new products (see below for more information)
  • Lounge area in middle of trade show with couches and coffee to allow vendors and attendees a place to network
  • New sessions are added, including hemp, which will allow your contact time with wider audiences/industries
  • All sessions will have staggered, scheduled breaks to allow the vendors a constant flow of foot traffic
  • Welcome Reception in the Expo Center
  • Expo Show Social hour
  • IHC & Expo Best booth award
  • Don’t miss out on the new sponsorship opportunities, which include great perks for your company (see attached for more information)

We hope you will join us for an exciting year and new opportunities!  Due to attendee and vendor feedback, we will move the conference to the third week of January beginning in 2021.

IHC Co-Chairs
Petrus Langenhoven
Kyle Daniel


2020 Exhibitors


1  Onset - HOBO Data Loggers 36  Westfall Company, Inc.
2  Rockford Package Supply 37
3  Rupp Seeds Inc. 38
4  Indiana Farm Bureau 39
5  Harris Moran Seed Co. 40
6  Safe Produce Indiana 41  McDonnall Harvester & Parts, Inc.
7  Certis USA 42  McDonnall Harvester & Parts, Inc.
8  Superb Horticulture 43
9  Great Fermentations 44  Stokes Seeds Inc.
10  Agrinos, Inc. 45  USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
11 46  USDA - Farm Service Agency
12 47  USDA/RMA
13 48  USDA Rural Development
14  Miller Chemical 49  Head Honchos, LLC
15  Nutrien Ag Solutions 50  Quest Products
16 51  Southern Indiana Chemical, Inc
17 52
18 53  Indy Produce Mixing Center at Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana
19 54  Alltech Crop Science
20  4 G's Soil Restoration 55  Orbis Environmental Consulting
21  Indiana Irrigation Co. INC. 56  Putnam Plastics/Farm Products
22  MPI Label Systems 57
23 58  Applacres, Inc.
24 59  FieldWatch
25 60  OGM  Euipment
26 61  OGM  Euipment
28  Reynolds Farm Equipment 63  Brick Packaging / A Saxco Division
29  Kooljet Refrigeration 64  George F Ackerman Company
30  ISDA 65  George F Ackerman Company
31 66  USDA Rural Development
32 67  Society of St. Andrew
33 68  University of Kentucky Center for Crop Diversification
34 69  SureTech Laboratories
35  Monte Package Company 70  OXBO International Corp.